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Institute of Monitoring and Control for Rotating Machinery and Wind Turbines NPU&TU Berlin

The institute is a joint research program established in 1997 based on long time cooperation between Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) and Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin), which mainly focuses on the teaching and scientific research of rotor dynamics, monitoring and fault diagnosis for rotating machinery and wind power technology. Our team is fully experienced and committed to high level research and has achieved fruitful results during several years of efforts.

International Cooperation

Since 1985,ProfessorLiu Qizhou and Professor Liao Mingfu have been working with Professor Robert Gasch and their friendship rewarded byAviation Friendship Award1997( Corporation of Aviation Industry ,former AVIC) andNational Friendship Award2009.


NationalFriendship Award

Mr. Robert Gasch and former Premier Wen Jiabao

Bilateral exchanges between NPU and TU Berlin have been made since then and over 50 staff and students from China and 25 students from Germany and France have had the opportunity of working and learning in the other country.

German Students in the Institute

The institute work with InWEnt in 2002 and launched a talents program for wind power technology. From 2003-2011, 33 Sino-German Wind Power Technology workshops and seminars have successfully been held and over 1100 professionals participated in. Most of the trainees have become the backbone of the industry and devoted in the wind power technology.

Research Area

Rotor Dynamics

We established rotor precession theory, theory and method of high speeddynamic balanceof aero engine flexible rotor, active elastic support/dry friction damper andare distinctive inaero engine rotor dynamics design and rotor active vibration control.

Fault diagnosis for rotating machinery

Vibration test technology, database analysis, Vibration analysis and diagnosis of nearly 400 large rotating machinery such as aero engines, turbopumps, diesel engines, compressors, wind turbines, pumps and motors provides us with multiple data and on-site experience.

Wind power technology

Vibration testing and fault diagnosis of wind turbine generator system (WTGS), on-site dynamic balance of WTGS, aerodynamic design of wind turbine blades, wind turbine control, calculate and test of wind turbine load, evaluation of wind and turbulence model.


Rotating machinery state monitoring and fault diagnosis






Counter-rotating dual-rotor systems Oil film damping vibration device


We have got 1 invention patent from Germany, 1 from US, 16 national invention patents (13 have been authorized), including:

Newmethodsofearlydiagnosis of cracks onthe Rotation Axis:inventionpatents in Germany and US, applications in Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Czech Republic;

New methods of diagnosis of cracks on bearing stiffness of anisotropic rotor:National Invention Patent;

Rotorprecession analysis theory;

Methods of dynamic balance of flexible rotor based on multi-planar, multi-speed ,forward and backward orthogonality;

Monitoring and fault diagnosis for rotating machinery based on precession analysis theory: state and provincial technology awards;

Active elastic support/dry friction damper:National Invention Patent

Fault diagnosis of rolling bearing and gearbox based on single gear analysis, time-delayed correlation demodulation and Geometric parameter method


NationalFriendship Award

Sanqin Friendship Award

National Science and Technology Progress Award

Shaanxi Science and Technology Progress Award

AVIC Science and Technology Progress Award

18thChina National Invention Expo Gold Medal

6thWorld Invention Expo Gold Medal

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