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PhD student in NPU won the highest honor of Engineering Thermophysics - " Chunghua Wu Award for Outstanding Graduate"

Recently, the “Chunghua Wu Award Fund” Committee as well as the the review meeting of the ninth “Chunghua Wu Award Fund” was held in Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The candidates are recommended initially by each branch of Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, and the declare materials of all candidates were reviewed and reexamined then. Finally, the judge voted by ballot and selected the winners. Totally, there are 3 young scholars and 12 graduates won the “Chunghua Wu prize fund”


PhD student Xiaochen Mao from School of Power and Energy won the ninth “Chunghua Wu Award for Outstanding Graduate”. This award marks that graduate students in our university win this great honor again after five years, and Dr. Mao has become the third doctoral student who has gotten this prize from 2008. Before him, Yunyong Chen (he is the deputy chief designer of AECC commercial aircraft engine CO., LTD now) won the honor in the second session and Jianling Li (she is the associate professor in School of Power and Energy now) won the honor in the fourth session.


Chunghua Wu Award for Outstanding Graduate” is the highest honor award for students in Chinese Engineering Thermophysics. Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese academy of sciences and Chinese Society of Engineering Thermal Physics sets up “Chunghua Wu Award Fund” to carry forward his spirit of patriotic, dedicated and struggling, and to promote the development of Engineering Thermophysics with actively cultivating the relevant young talents and institutes.  The fund is for the whole country and awards the outstanding young scholars as well as talent graduates majoring in Engineering Thermophysics. The candidate students from best universities in China such as Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China. Every year there are less than 20 people around the nation wining this award.



Dr. Mao finished his undergraduate study in honors college in NPU (2008-2012), and his master and doctoral stage (2013-present) are studying in the School of Power and Energy. His tutor is Prof. Liu Bo and his major is power engineering and Engineering Thermophysics. In addition, the first winner of this award in NPU was also taught by Prof. Liu. At present, Dr. Mao is a member of the High-Performance Compressor Research Group and his research direction is turbomachinery aerodynamics. During his PhD studying, Dr. Mao published 13 papers, including 4 SCI journals and 8 EI journals as well as one international conference paper. Moreover, Dr. Mao has his original opinion about the mechanism analysis of unsteady flow phenomena in axial compressors, and he is also skilled in the mechanism analysis and experimental research about the active flow control in axial compressors.

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